Teen On Track GPS Tracking

Where Your Teenagers Are  Now?

With Teen On Track you no longer have to worry about what that teen is up to in that car. This is the next best thing to actually being there!

Think about it parents. Up till now you had pretty good control over that child. Alas, now they are 16 and not only have a driver's license but in many cases their own car. This represents the greatest amount of freedom they have ever experienced. When they crank up and leave you never know where thet are going or if they are speeding. Remember when you first put that horsepower under your foot? What did you do? Did you always go where you said you were going?

It's not that they are bad kids, they just have to sometimes push the limits. To quote a well known and famous television judge she says "If you want to know if a teenager is lying, watch their lips. If they move they are lying."
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You cannot be in the vehicle with that teen but with Teen On Track you have the ability to monitor where they are in real time and even see if they are speeding. If they violate any of the preset parameters that you have set you will receive an email or  text alert. This is better than any lie detector.

Here are the main features of Teen On Track.

  • Real Time GPS Tracking 
  • Virtual GEO Fencing 
  • Starter Disable 
  • Starter Disable Tamper Alert 
  • Speed Alert 
  • Ultra Low Power Consumtion 
  • Internal Battery Back Up 
  • Power Loss Alert 
  • Mileage Threshold Alert 
  • Notification Internal Buzzer 
  • SMS Email Alerting 
  • No Monthly Fees 
  • Transferable To Another Vehicle 
  • Log In To A Secure Website To Set Your Parameters 

Each of these features are explained on separate pages.

Our introductory offer is $349.00. This includes shipping in the continental United States.